New York, New York Big City Of Dreams..

We just returned from Bridal Fashion Week in New York City – such a difference between Dallas and the Big Apple.  Not just in the city, but each show offered something different.  New York, being the fashion capital of the US, had more fashion forward, couture designs while Dallas provided more traditional and classic looks.  We did see Lori and Monty from “Say Yes To The Dress”, that was exciting!  But what was even more exciting were the designers and the fashion shows.

One of the key partnerships we made was with John Paul Ataker.  His unique, couture designs will bring a sophisticated and sleek looks to our bridal store offering.  We can’t wait to unveil these exciting new concepts!  We also enjoyed the designs of Stella York and Symphony Bridal.  These both offer elegant and classic looks that any bride would love.  Our mission was to find designers who offered gowns in a wide variety of styles and sizes so that every bride coming into our shop could find just the right dress to make her feel fabulous and special.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements as we start getting shipments in of our new lines!  Of course, we will always continue to offer our designer samples – that’s the staple of our store.

Hope to see you all soon!

The Dallas Market Center turned out to be “The One”

We justed attended The One bridal expo at the Dallas Market Center.  What a great experience it was!  We attended several fashion shows to see the latest and greatest.  Everything was fabulous – lace, bling, and ballgowns are still the rage.  There were such wonderful new gowns and looks, we are inspired and anxious for the next season!  We will be carrying some new lines of veils and accessories…. and stand by for an exciting announcement coming soon from Couture Bridal!

Size doesn’t matter ;-)

To answer the age old question:  Size Does Not Matter!  Ok, maybe I’m not speaking in the context of the original question… rather I am referring to the selection of a bridal gown.  People work very hard every day to maintain or achieve a goal weight, or there are those of us that haven’t reached a goal or have some body image issues.

As a result, dress size can be something of pride or something that you don’t want to share with your family and friends.  When you begin shopping for your bridal gown, you will find that sizes typically run smaller than standard street sized clothing.  It seems like the higher end the designer, the more skewed their dress size scale.  Don’t get hung up on the size of the dress, shop for something that flatters your silhouette and makes you feel beautiful, comfortable, and confident.  Size doesn’t matter when it comes to bridal gowns.

At Couture Bridal, we don’t talk sizes.  We don’t even have size indicators on our racks.  We want you to find a beautiful design that is right for you, not limit your selection by what size you think you should be wearing.  Remember, gowns can be altered – most will need to be altered.  Downsizing is easier is than letting a gown out.  So, when you shop, let your imagine go and don’t limit yourself based on a number.

Does the dress drive the venue or the venue drive the dress?

As we get brides in the shop, we always ask when they are getting married and if they have selected a venue yet.  About half of the brides have an idea of a venue, but others are waiting until they select their dress to ‘set the tone’.

The fun thing about current fashion trends is that anything goes!  If a bride selects a fabulous all lace fit and flair gown it could be worn for an outdoor rustic or ‘shabby chic’ wedding or it could be dressed up with a tiara and worn in an formal candlelight ceremony.  If an flowing organza sheath is selected, a destination beach wedding would be great or a beautiful ceremony in a Country Club would work as well.

We’ve had brides who want to wear cowboy boots or converse, barefoot or Jimmy Choos.  The point is, anything goes.   Don’t worry about following the rules or being judged by those who attend, it’s YOUR day.  Make it something that represents  you and your fiance’s life together.  Pick a gown that you LOVE, that makes you feel special, beautiful, and confident.  If you want to wear to wear a taffeta gown with a 9 foot train on the beach, go for it!!!!  Just have FUN!

Happy New Year’s Eve!

As 2014 comes to a close, we all reflect on the events of the year – we have to, it’s on every television program right now 😉  What were the big events that took place in your life?  How did it change you, how did it change others?  Getting engaged is one of the biggest events to happen in your life’s journey.  Whether it was a well thought out and executed proposed or a simple ‘I think it’s time’, every engagement is special.

Finding a wedding dress should also be special and memorable.  This is the dress that you will wear in front of friends and family as you change your life.  Try on as many as you need until you find just the right one, or two.  So many times, brides will come in with a specific dress or look in mind and end up going with something completely different.  Be open minded and have fun, try on something you thought you may never like!  You never know, it might be ‘the one’.  You may be looking for lace, or color, or you may not like ‘bling’, try them ALL on!  What the heck, this experience should be all about you!

Congrats to all of our brides who found gowns in 2014, we wish you a stress free and beautiful wedding and most importantly a happy and event filled life!  We look forward to meeting our 2015 brides when we reopen on Friday.

New Blog Launch!

Here at Couture Bridal we have a GREAT variety of dresses and brands! From St. Pucci to smaller designers, we have it all! We are so excited about our new blog! Check back for more updates on current wedding dress trends, our new dresses, and other exciting information!


With Much Love,

The Couture Bridal Team


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