Happy New Year’s Eve!

As 2014 comes to a close, we all reflect on the events of the year – we have to, it’s on every television program right now 😉  What were the big events that took place in your life?  How did it change you, how did it change others?  Getting engaged is one of the biggest events to happen in your life’s journey.  Whether it was a well thought out and executed proposed or a simple ‘I think it’s time’, every engagement is special.

Finding a wedding dress should also be special and memorable.  This is the dress that you will wear in front of friends and family as you change your life.  Try on as many as you need until you find just the right one, or two.  So many times, brides will come in with a specific dress or look in mind and end up going with something completely different.  Be open minded and have fun, try on something you thought you may never like!  You never know, it might be ‘the one’.  You may be looking for lace, or color, or you may not like ‘bling’, try them ALL on!  What the heck, this experience should be all about you!

Congrats to all of our brides who found gowns in 2014, we wish you a stress free and beautiful wedding and most importantly a happy and event filled life!  We look forward to meeting our 2015 brides when we reopen on Friday.